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Wanna unleash your inner Rockstar or connect with your inner child... then don't miss out... click the link below and join our Facebook group for all the details...

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Julia - Gold Coast

Feeling a bit flat? Stressed? Need to shake off some inhibitions? Then do yourself a favour and join UNLEASH YOUR INNER ROCKSTAR. Join the latest craze that incorporates intermittent training, fun, music, people, education and meditation. You don't even need ID to enter! Guarantee you'll love it!

meet john...

| Women's Empowerment Coach |

        | Singer - Songwriter |

         | Podcaster / Writer |

As a passionate Women's Empowerment Coach... John loves helping his clients overcome their limiting beliefs, connect with their authentic self and create a purposeful life on their terms…

Having personally experienced and overcome severe depression, periods of being suicidal; drug addiction, domestic violence, debt, and grief… John draws on his own journey... as well as powerful spiritual and evidence based coaching tools and strategies to empower his clients to be the creators of their lives…

As a creative... John is an award winning songwriter who has released records and performed in front of crowds of up to 10,000 people... he also has a passion for broadcasting... check out his light hearted comedy podcast called Trixie Trager's Toilet Talk... 

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