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1. Letting Go (Feat. Nicolette Forte)
2. When I Was A Child
3. ...To You...
4. Fall For You (Too Hard To Smile)

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WHEN I WAS A CHILD (Lyric Video)

Taken from the EP "Sunrise After The Storm"

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the love of music


Reflecting on his love of music… there is not a time in John’s life where he can remember it not having a deep impact on his soul… from standing on stages in front of thousands as the frontman of rock bands… to experimenting with song writing as a creative tool to overcome mental health issues… music has not only shaped his life… it saved it!

From early childhood he spent hours listening to Slim Dusty records with his father… this sparked a desire to sing… and from the age of 10 was a regular performer in country music contests around his local area… often winning awards and outshining performers with more than 50 years’ experience…

By his mid-teens the rebellious angst kicked in… and he joined his first rock band Tantrum as the bassist… but as time went by… his ability as a vocalist and engaging stage presence… propelled him into the role of front man… the band built a solid fan base and achieved success winning several awards and competitions… which resulted in them performing in front of large crowds including 10,000 at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne… and were granted $20,000 from ARTS Victoria to tour regionally… after Tantrum broke up he started the band Envy... which also achieved success and released the EP “Images For The Lonely”…

Disillusioned with the increasing heavy sound of the band… and craving more control over the music… John went solo and released his debut EP “Pop Songs & Panic Attacks” in August 2012… the second single “Emergency Lover” won Best Songwriting at the 2012 Music Video Mash Up awards and a number of songs from the record placed in the Australian Songwriters Association Song Contest Top 10…

In late 2013… John was asked to write a song to celebrate the life of Blake Gordon-Cooke… a 19-month-old boy who had sadly passed away … unaware the song had been written… Blake’s parents Diane & Paull were deeply moved and asked if the song could be released as a charity single for Heart Kids… an organisation which supports families with children suffering from heart conditions… in February 2014 “Let Your Angel Fly” was released… raising awareness and thousands for the charity… the song also peaked at number three on the Australian iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart and debuted in the Top 20 of the Australian Independent Record Label Association 100 per cent Singles Chart…

In mid 2014… his sophomore EP “The Dark Road” was released… due to the deeply confronting lyrics… and containing songs inspired by his father’s death… his issues with drug addiction… depression and suicidal thoughts… and the implosion of a toxic relationship… still in the midst of struggling with the record’s themes… it was released online without any promotion…

In 2015… committed to overcoming his mental health issues and turning his life around… John wrote and recorded his third EP “Sunrise After The Storm” with his long-time producer & engineer Michael Zammit… his approach to the writing was unlike anything he’d attempted before… instead of documenting the darkest moments of his life… all the songs were written with the intention of manifesting positive conclusions to the demons he was battling… aiming to let go of heart break... move forward from his grief and sell his childhood home… overcome depression… and find a place of happiness and self-love… he finished the record… put it in a draw… and quit music to focus on making the songs a reality…

Six years later… after a journey of self-exploration… overcoming depression… conquering drug addiction… and finding his purpose in helping others… the songwriter and life roadie (life coach)… released the record that started the chapter of his life he refers to as the search for happiness… Sunrise After The Storm... available now!

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1. The Dark Road  (Intro)
2. In My Arms
3. I Can Still Feel You
4. Crash Like A Butterfly
5. Watch The World Implode (Feat. Neda Esmaili)
6. The Dark Road (Outro)

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1. My Addiction To You
2. Cigarettes & Champagne
3. I Don't Wanna Wake Up!
4.War (This Is Life)
5. Emergency Lover (Feat. Safiye Vurdu)
6. Rock 'N' Roll Star (Bonus Track)

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