• John Trager

Free yourself from needing the approval of others...

Since we were children, most of us learned that it could be advantageous to make

others happy.

Most children want the approval of their parents, teachers, and peers.

We tend to carry that same tendency into adulthood. While it’s natural to seek the

approval of others, sometimes it might not be for the best.

Being a strong and free person includes the ability to move freely through the world

without excessive concern about the opinions of others.

Think about the people you respect the most. Do they allow the opinions of others to dictate their decisions? You

can live the same way.

Live life on your own terms with these tips:

1. Learn to say what you think.

If you’re concerned about the opinions of others, you’ve probably developed a habit of keeping your opinion to yourself. Start giving your opinion on smaller issues. For example, if you’re asked what movie you’d like to see, give a specific answer. As your comfort level improves, you can speak up about more important issues.

2. Take the time to appreciate yourself.

Keep a few minutes each day to remind yourself of all the things you like about yourself. Think about all the good things you do each day. List your positive characteristics.

If you can approve of yourself, you’ll be less likely to need approval from others.