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Hello & Welcome... I'm John, and I'm here to cut through all the noise and help you get real results.

Unlike many coaches and personal development experts who design programs to drain you of as much money as possible by over inflating the value, all in the aim of spending less time with the actual people their "passionate about helping", I don’t operate that way!

Call me old-school… but my philosophy is different.

I love connecting directly with women, seeing them light up about their dreams, helping them through the challenges and being there to celebrate their wins.

It lights me up… and it’s why I only do 1 on 1 sessions.

Coaching doesn't have to cost thousands to be effective. You don’t need fancy programs or endless certifications to see real change. What you need is a clear plan, tailored support, and someone who genuinely listens and helps you chart a realistic path forward. I support and champion women through each challenge, providing guidance, healing and encouragement needed to overcome the obstacle and achieve their goals without any upselling or hidden agendas.

My passion for helping women runs deep, passed down from my father, who taught me the importance of respecting, protecting, and supporting women. Growing up in a low socio-economic family, I witnessed my father's unwavering commitment to our community, helping women without any expectation of reward. His actions instilled in me the belief that my role in life as a man is to support and empower women, a value I carry into my personal and professional life every day.

I understand the challenges of affordability and the pressure of investing in high-cost programs. That's why I keep my rates accessible, ensuring that women from all walks of life, especially those committed to making a change but facing financial constraints, can benefit from my coaching.

With over five years in the coaching industry, training and certifications in NLP, hypnosis, timeline therapy, emotional intimacy & relationships, positive psychology, just to name a few, and a no-nonsense approach, I offer genuine support and affordable quality coaching to women who are ready to take meaningful action in their lives.


As a women’s advocate, and someone who is trying to do his bit to contribute to the dream of a world lead by women, I believe there has never been a better time in history for women to empower themselves.

I offer a no bullsh*t approach, but most importantly all my sessions are a confidential & compassionate space without judgement.

If you’d like to discuss working together please book a 30 min discovery call in my calendar below and follow the instructions.

My business is small, so I cap the number of women I work with to ensure superior service. I also offer a small number of pro pono sessions to women in financial distress, please contact me to discuss.

*Under my no bullsh*t policy - I will always be honest with you if I don’t believe I can help you achieve your goal/s, and will refer you to other professionals.

Thanks for reading about what I do and why. Look forward to talking soon 😊

Book your  FREE Discovery Session

A FREE discovery call is an opportunity to explore and begin to uncover what brought you here and what working together looks like... I look forward to hearing your story!

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What clients have said...

Natalie - Central Coast NSWb.jpg

My time with John Trager – Women’s Empowerment Coaching, has been extraordinary. His ability to create a safe space, be present in the moment for his client myself is invaluable.
His ability to listen, validate, be non- judgmental and spot my body language and call me on it, is truly an example of his ability to assist me in what’s possible, a path to healing me.

Natalie - Central Coast NSW

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