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meet john...

| Women's Empowerment & Success Coach |
| Singer - Songwriter |
| Podcaster / Writer |

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Hi, I'm John.

As a Women's Empowerment and Success Coach, I'm passionate about helping women realise their immense potential and take ownership of their lives.

I was inspired to pursue this path by my father, who taught me from a young age a man's responsibility is to respect, protect and help women. I am incredibly grateful to have found my purpose, and I thank my dad for helping to set me on this path.

I understand the struggles of feeling stuck and helpless, I've been there myself. No matter how old you are, it's normal to feel like you don't have everything figured out. We all have our own paths to follow and our own lessons to learn. I'm still learning and growing, just like everyone else. It's okay to not have it all together... we're all a work in progress.

I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to be of service and to witness the transformation and breakthroughs of my clients. Nothing brings me more joy and satisfaction than when I see a woman take control of her life.

If you're ready to make a powerful change, the time is now. Reach out and let's talk about how I can help you become the creator of your own destiny.

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John's "20/80 Rule" is a personal initiative to support women's causes and charities. 20% of John's sales are donated to woman's charities.

The current charity he is supporting is the McGrath Foundation, a charity that supports women affected by breast cancer. 

This principle reflects John's commitment to empowering women and making a positive difference in the lives of women in need.

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John walks through the steps to an exercise he used in the early stages of overcoming depression called "Finding the Silver Lining"

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Book your  FREE Discovery Session

A FREE discovery call is an opportunity to explore and begin to uncover what brought you here and what working together looks like... I look forward to hearing your story!

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coaching testimonials...

What clients have said...

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Natalie - Central Coast NSWb.jpg

Natalie - Central Coast NSW

My time with John Trager – Women’s Empowerment Coaching, has been extraordinary. His ability to create a safe space, be present in the moment for his client myself is invaluable.
His ability to listen, validate, be non- judgmental and spot my body language and call me on it, is truly an example of his ability to assist me in what’s possible, a path to healing me.

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